Medical Interpretation Services

Beatriz Alizo-Teynor

"My work helps bridge the communication gap between physicians and patients who do not share a common language."
Beatriz Alizo-Teynor

Medical Interpretation & Translation Services

Language Specialist, Medical Interpreter, and Business Professional

🌐 Experienced Contractor: Medical Interpretation, Linguistics, Language Training & Coaching, Licensed Insurance Agent

👩‍⚕️ Empowering Effective Communication in Healthcare & Beyond

Greetings! I’m an accomplished professional with a diverse skill set in medical interpretation, linguistics, language training, and more. My extensive experience makes me a valuable asset for your language and communication needs.

📞 Medical Interpretation Expertise

I excel in facilitating clear and accurate communication in medical settings. With expertise in on-site, over-the-phone, and video remote medical interpretation (English & Spanish), I ensure seamless conversations between healthcare professionals and patients.

📜 Certifications & Licensure

  • Medical Interpreter (English & Spanish)

    • Certified by the Medical Interpreting Training School (MITS)
    • Completed a comprehensive 60-hour program approved by CEAP, CCHI, NBCMI, ATA, IMIA
    • Proficient in OPI, VRMI, and on-site interpretation
  • HIPAA Compliance for Remote Interpreters

    • Certified for HIPAA compliance since October 2021
  • Medical Terminology Proficiency

    • Holds a Certificate in Medical Terminology obtained in August 2020
  • Licensed Insurance Agent in NC

    • Licensed for Life, Health, Accident/Sickness, and LTC interpretation
  • Licensed Real Estate Broker in NC

    • Broker in Charge (BIC) license for real estate interpretation

🎓 Academic Background & Business Endeavors

  • Academic background in Sociology, Biology, Education, and Teacher Certification (Spanish) from Gonzaga University, Washington State

  • Consultant & Business Owner

    • Successful ownership of “Easy Learning System” & “Eglobal.Training” for 20 years
    • Designing targeted educational programs for language acquisition and linguistic application
    • Serving a diverse clientele including international corporations, Bilingual Charter Schools, Science & Technology Charter Schools, and esteemed institutions like the University of Maryland and Gonzaga University

🎙️ Exploring New Horizons

Catch me on my engaging Spanish podcast, “Explorando Nuevos Horizontes: Beatriz Libertad.” I delve into a myriad of topics including personal development, family and couple constellations, epigenetics, NLP, integrative medicine, business insights, travel, international cuisine, pets, and more. Available on all major podcast platforms, Audible, and YouTube.

Connect with me to explore synergies and collaboration. Together, we can harness the power of language for success and meaningful communication.

Medical Translation

Translations are done in writing Vs Interpretation that is done speaking. A translator must have specific skills, and expertise in order to correctly approach, the terminology and offer clients first class service.

Medical Interpretation

Interpretations are done speaking Vs Translations that are done in writting.
The three (3) bassic Interpretations Modes are: 1-Consecutive Interpretation, 2-Simultaneous Interpretation, 3-Sight Interpretation.
Medical encounters with medical personal, doctors, social workers, therapists, medical evaluation specialists, medical exams, and documents; cannot be entrusted to those who simply know two or more languages, it requires professionals with knowledge, training and experience in the medical field.

Easy Learning System (ELS) created by Beatriz Alizo, provided services & trained at Corporate level, International Companies from the USA, Europe, South America

ESTEE-LAUDER-Venezuela (USA company)


ELCA Cosmetics S.A. -Venezuela.

“The didactic method used by the company of Ms. ALizo, has maintained the attention and the interest of the participants:Three (3)  groups of employees, and we can evaluate it, as a very good and highly recommend it.

”Jose J Castillo – Human Resource ManagerThre

Cynamid de Venezuela (USA Company)


​Cyanamid USA-Venezuela

“I believe that the use of a wide range of teaching techniques, contribute to maintaining constant attention to the students, making it possible to achieve the training goals, established for the class”

Gabriel Lopez – Agricultural products sales manager – Agricultural Division.


Corpoven S.A.-Oil Company (a subsidiary of ​PDVSA)

“Excellent pedagogic and personal qualities, likewise the corresponding teaching responsibility for the corresponding levels #2, #5 and #6 were fulfilled and accomplished”

Alix Maria Aponte Ortiz – Analyst of Serv. Secret.

Headquarter of the oil industry of Venezuela)

Maraven S.A. –Oil Company (subsidiary of ​PDVSA)

“Courses have been given at the following levels of Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced; I found that the use of a wide range of techniques of teachings, contribute to maintaining constant attention to the students, making it possible to reach the purpose of training’s goals “

Antonio J. Gonzalez -Chief of Administration and Recruitment / Orinoco Oil Belt -Oil Company


UP-JOHN LAB- USA-Venezuela

”Beatriz has been my teacher at an advanced level, her company’s methodology is unique, with a lot of creativity, she uses an audiovisual system, she is an extraordinary teacher and I personally recommend her widely it” 

Placido Cicero – Training Manager.


ERICSSON-Sweden -Venezuela

“The company has adapted its methodology to our immediate needs, demonstrating a high degree of professionalism. We fully recommend this company and would like to point out, that we will keep hiring its services.”

Elis Alberto Vizcaya -Finance Manager. 


 Distribuidora Benedetti C.A. 

“We recommend extensively the director and founder Beatriz Alizo Whelpley, whose company trained twenty (20) employees divided into two (2) groups, (Beginner and Intermediate levels.)   We recommend her as a serious and responsible person”

Marcos Casanova M. – Human Resources Manager.

​CORPOVEN ( A subsidiary of PDVSA: Headquarter of the oil industry) several letters for each branch of Corpoven​.

Corpoven S.A.-Oil Company (a subsidiary of ​PDVSA)

“The company has demonstrated a high degree of responsibility, as well as quality and professionalism in all their training”

Linda Subero – Manager Analyst of Training – Cybernetics.

Lagoven S.A. (A subsidiary of PDVSA: Headquarter of the oil industry of Venezuela)

​​LAGOVEN S.A.-Oil Company (a subsidiary of ​PDVSA)

“Discipline and high Academic standards have been shown in the three (3) courses dictated at advanced levels in the Medical Department ”

Luis Raul Villamisar – Supervisor & Department of Human Resources – (Assignations overseas, Languages & Equivalence of grades for overseas Universities)


Banco de Venezuela

“We would like to emphasize that the courses, reached the educational targets and goals, for each program and level. 

The group has maintained a high degree of motivation, which allows us to recommend Ms. Alizo as a responsible person”

Patricia Torrez de Suarez – Head of Bank Department.

​CORPOVEN ( A subsidiary of PDVSA: Headquarter of the oil industry) several letters for each branch of Corpoven​.

Corpoven S.A.-Oil Company (a subsidiary of ​PDVSA)

“The following Language courses have been dictated: Phonetics, Basic, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, & Advance.

Ms. Beatriz Alizo, Director & Coordinator of the company, has demonstrated us efficiency, responsibility, and professionalism in all the activities provided”.

Luis Ochoa Aranguren – Advisor & Manager of Human Resources – U. N. Industrial products.

Latino Business System (USA company)

Central-National Bank of Venezuela

“We can evaluate the course dictated as very good, based on the results obtained, we will keep on hiring the services of this Language company” 

Department of Training of Central National Bank of Venezuela.

Tom Lianez -Owner of​ Latino Business Systems

​Latino Business Systems

“I have worked with Beatriz in several business projects and have found her to be highly professional. She is very capable of using her experience as an instructor and Interpreter & Translator, to make the learning experience efficient as well as a pleasure for others”

Tom Lianez -Owner of Latino Business Systems.

PDVSA: Headquarter of the oil industry of Venezuela


Endorsement by the results obtained in the following courses:  Basic, Intermediate, & Advance levels. Type of courses taught: For Specific Purposes such as Business, Conversational, emphasis on Personal Development; target to different audiences, including staff with supervisory and managerial functions” 

Josefa Alonso – Human Resource Manager

Gonzaga University​ (State of Washington) ​​​

Translations services. ​

Gonzaga University (State of Washington).

​Beatriz translated home studies, for families who were going to adopt in Latin America. She did an accurate work and was always on time with the material. I was very much pleased with the work she did for me.”

Carol Ann Hollar –Executive Director of the International Adoption Agency.

PEQUIVEN, ( A subsidiary of PDVSA: Headquarter of the oil industry of Venezuela)-several letters for each branch of PEQUIVEN.

Pequiven S. A. Oil Company (subsidiary of ​PDVSA)

“Ms. Beatriz Alizo, Director & Coordinator of the company, has shown us efficiency, accountability, and professionalism all the time, during their activities”.

Thais A. de Campos –Training Coordinator.

University of Maryland (State of Maryland) 
Online Language Consultant.

University of Maryland's Language Department.
During the year 2012, I was selected as a Bilingual Linguistic (Spanish from Venezuela was required) to be part of a Team, that created an Online (English - Spanish)course for the US Goverment.

History of the Company

Eglobal.Training – is a branch of “Easy Learning System" (ELS)

Easy Learning System (ELS), was created by Beatriz Alizo, bringing 20 + years of Entrepreneurial and Leadership experience. 

(ELS) offered Corporate Training in Several languages, for international corporations, also Translations &  Interpretations (English-Spanish) as needed, to the Headquarters of the Oil industry of Venezuela (PDVSA) and all the subsidiaries, national banks, and companies from the United States, Europe, and the USA Universities such as Gonzaga University and the University of Maryland’s Language Department.

Beatriz’s academic background includes a BA in Sociology, Biology, Education and a Teacher Certification in Spanish, from the Education Department of Gonzaga University -State of Washington. 

Beatriz, started a Consulting and Training company: Easy Learning System (ELS) in Caracas Venezuela, South America. The main focus was: Corporate Training for International Corporations and Translations &  Interpretations Services.

Clients: The headquarters of the Oil industry of Venezuela PDVSA and all the subsidiaries; as well as National Venezuelan Banks, and companies from the USA and Europe.

Beatriz,  acting as President-Founder & Coordinator, selected and trained Language Consultants, on the language methodology according to the “Wants and Needs” of the students &

Beatriz, trained and designed customized program for corporate students, and was also in charge of the quality control of the company from A to Z.

“Together we can achieve more!”

The mission statement of the company has been “Together we can achieve more!”

Beatriz, brought on board an Organizational Development Consultant for the Micro-Enterprise, an Administrative assistant, a Business Accountant, a Computer Specialist, a Web designer, Language Consultants, and an Academic Coordinator.

She designed all her Tailor-Made courses for corporations, evaluation forms, diplomas, surveys, contracts, marketed the company, and secured contracts.

One on one medical interpretaton with client

Translation Services

We are highly trained in translating languages with cultural accuracy (English & Spanish)

Interpretation Services

We provide Bilingual Solutions for companies. We offer accredited Interpretation services, specialized in providing Language Interpretation services in various industries.

I am highly trained in translating languages with cultural accuracy (English & Spanish)

We provide bilingual solutions for companies. We offer accredited Translations & Interpretation Services, specialized in providing language Translation & Interpretation services in various industries.

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